Completing a Business Travel Allowance (BTA) Application


This form is used by ORGANIZATIONS with a TIN to apply for Foreign Exchange for their employees. The organization can apply for 1 (one) or more beneficiaries, but they must each have a BVN that can be validated by CBN.Each beneficiary is subject to the existing quarterly limits on foreign exchange requests.


  1. Applicants login into the applicant portal.
  2. At the Trade Services TAB, the applicant clicks on the Business Travel Allowance (BTA) shortcut or navigates to the BTA Transaction purpose (please see below) 


  1. Applicants must fill all the required fields properly before moving to the next stage.
    1. Select Valid for FOREX as YES
    2. Fill out Bank Details
    3. Attach Documents
  1. After Applicant fills all the fields he/she submits a Form.


  • Company XYZ wishes to sponsor 3 employees to attend a conference in Malaysia.
  • The TRMS user (applicant) for the company logs into the platform and starts an application by selecting Form A -> Private Sector -> BTA
  • For each beneficiary, the applicant enters the required form data (see Figure 2).




  • Once completed, the bank will process or reject and disburse funds (if applicable).